Are You Moving To Plano, Texas?

The Dallas/Ft Worth area is becoming very popular and Plano is a great place to live. The climate is agreeable and you are not far away from most things people enjoy in life. If you are relocating here you may need to make a lot of changes and here are some important things to remember when it comes to moving, relocating, and insurance.

Tips Before You Move:

  • Check out the schools - you can click this link to search for Plano schools near your new address.
  • Transfer utilities - contact your new utility companies to see if they will accept a referral or reference letter so you won't have to pay a deposit.
  • Don't pack up everything - leave your cleanup tools and supplies out for the final cleaning. To keep them out of the way, put them in a closet or pantry.
  • Buy new boxes for packing - you may be tempted to recycle old boxes, but remember they are made out of cardboard. To make sure your things stay in good shape during transit, new boxes work best.
  • Pack up everything you'll need for the first few days and load them last on the truck. This will make it easier and you won't have to search through everything to find towels, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, and other essential items.
  • If your appliances and furniture are very old, you may be better off leaving them behind. It will make the process of moving much easier.
  • Notify your doctor(s) you will be moving to another city at least a month ahead of time. You may need to sign papers to release your medical records to the new doctor.
  • If you are moving to transfer jobs keep track of all your receipts because you can receive a Federal income tax credit.


Before you arrive at your new home, you will need to consider some of these insurance options related to moving.

Rental truck insurance - ask your insurance agent if your policy covers rental trucks. If you are moving yourself, you will want to make sure you have sufficient coverage for your rental truck. You have the option of choosing a loss damage waiver and this can be a good idea. That way, if the truck is damaged you will not be responsible and have to pay for downtime costs.

Cargo Insurance - when you hire professional movers they have insurance to cover your belongings on the road. However, when you rent a truck and move you will need to check into coverage for your things while they are in transit. This will protect them if you are involved in a traffic accident.

Auto Insurance

If you are moving to Texas from another state, be aware that the liability limits for Texas may be different than your previous state. In Texas, you must prove financial responsibility or carry a minimum of 30-60-25 insurance. This stands for $30K medical claims for one person, $60K total medical payments for an accident, and $25K for personal property damages. These minimums may be nowhere near enough if you are involved in an accident with serious injuries or damages, so you should consider carrying considerably more liability coverage.

Your New Home

Maybe your job is relocating you and you need assistance finding a home. Your Plano insurance agent has many contacts in the city and can help you find what you need. In addition, if you need to rent before buying a home, you should consider renter's insurance to protect your possessions.

Don't be too quick to cancel your current homeowner insurance policy. Remember, until the title is officially transferred to the new owner, you are still responsible for damages and liability claims.

Do you plan to move into a lovely condo? If so, you may need home insurance to supplement insurance provide by the condo association. You also may want to consider loss assessment coverage. This will cover claims in excess of the condo association's policy.

Finding A New Insurance Agent

When you move to Plano consider going with a trusted agency like Advantial Insurance Agency. We are independent agents which mean we work for you, not the insurance company. A typical insurance agent works for his or her company and can only show you what that one company has to offer. On the other hand, your independent agent is partnered with multiple insurance carriers, so you get the "best of the best" when it comes to coverage options and premiums.

Your independent agent takes all the hassles out of shopping for insurance. You can get customized homeowner, auto, business, and life insurance. Because we are independent we can get you special discounts to save you even more money on your insurance.

Before you move to Plano, contact Advantial Insurance Agency. We will be more than happy to assist you with the process of relocation. Welcome to the neighborhood! We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.