Learn More About Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance protects your valuable boat or personal watercraft for physical damage and liability protection. There are many hazards operating a boat in Texas lakes. We have several claims each year where boaters make contact with underwater and unseen objects! Damages to a boat motor can be very expensive to repair. There are plenty of options with your coverage, including roadside assistance, on water towing, total loss replacement, and also covering anything that is attached to your boat. It will also cover any liability issues that may be caused by an accident.

One HUGE misconception in the insurance world is that the boat is covered while behind a vehicle. This is only partly true! Liability coverage extends to the damage that might be caused from the boat being towed. For instance, your boat trailer strikes another vehicle while being towed, or comes off your trailer hitch and causes damage! That is covered by your auto liability policy. But, there is NO coverage extending to the actual damage to the boat. That is where your boat policy would provide the protection.

Boat Insurance Coverage

  • Damage to your boat including the sails, hull, machinery, motor, and trailer
  • New boat replacement
  • Medical payments
  • Wreck removal
  • Damage to other boats and property caused by your boat
  • Bodily injury to another person
  • Fuel spill liability