Home Insurance – The Best Way to Protect Your Castle

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Whatever you want to cover with your home insurance policy and the amount you will pay will depend on the condition and location of your home. Quite a number of people take home insurance for the same reason they take out health and car insurance: Insurance helps homeowners to cope with...

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Top 5 Plano Mortgage Brokers for Your Next Home Loan

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Choosing a new home is stressful enough, and having to find a mortgage broker you can trust to help finance your purchase can be overwhelming. Adding to the stress is the fact that there are literally hundreds of Plano mortgage brokers to choose from.  We get asked some variation of this question almost every day. Before you make your decision, there are three important questions you must ask yourself.

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Should I Buy a Bigger Home?

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For growing families, a starter home can soon begin to feel cramped. Yet if you’ve ventured out into the housing market recently, you may have noticed that it’s feeling a squeeze as well, with strains on supply and a resulting increase in prices.

Of everyone jockeying for position in today’s competitive real estate market, trade-up buyers face the trickiest balancing act. With timing critical, you must work to...

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What Do I Need to Know When Purchasing Home Insurance?

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Owning a new home can be a life-changing event. If your goal is a new beginning, a strong foundation is needed to build from.

No one can predict the curveballs and hiccups thrown our way every day. It is very important therefore, to be prepared for any surprises that may alter the value and integrity of your property. There are several types of...

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6 Tips For Buying Home Insurance in Plano Texas

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Tip #1 – Know the Exact Value of Your Home and How Much Home Insurance You Need


One of the most important things to understand from the very beginning is how much insurance you'll need. First you'll need to know the actual value of your home. If your home is destroyed, you're going to need to know what it will cost to replace the entire structure. This is not a time to guess. Establishing your home's...

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